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Stonemason Melbourne

At Mondo Stone and Glasswork, we have some of the best and experienced stonemasons in Melbourne. We are experts in the art of stonemasonry and can produce beautiful yet functional products that meet the individualistic requirements of our clients. We are professionals and are able to work with various types of stones like marble, quartz, granite and much more. We craft each and every product with precision and care to ensure that our clients gets only the best and nothing less.

We provide our stonemason services throughout Melbourne with the best equipment and tools. We make use of all of this equipment and form a product that is visibly pleasing and efficient in nature. With us, you can be sure that you have made the right choice for your property, we are masters of our art and provide an excellent quality of work. To get to know more about the work of our give us a call on 0407 299 259.