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Stone Benchtops, Melbourne, Victoria

At Mondo Stone and Glasswork, the stone benchtops we make are adept enough to provide you with high quality and stylish looking stone benchtops. We consistently provide the best benchtops around Melbourne that live up to your expectations and provide you with a long and effective service life. Our team is filled with individuals who are highly efficient in their craft and they will work closely with you so that all your requirements are reflected in the final product. Our Benchtops are only made of the highest standard from the best stone materials you can buy.

Our Melbourne showroom is filled with all types of stone benchtops, our products are available in various stones like marble, granite and quartz. You can choose the best personal suit according to your individualistic requirements. If you have a special project that needs to be custom made, our team of experts have the skills to work with you on the project. We consistently manufacture the perfect benchtops throughout Melbourne that have been made to the highest grade possible. When it comes to providing benchtops, you can be sure that nobody can do it better than Mondo Stone and Glasswork.

If you want to know more about our stone benchtop range, you can give us a call on During Business hours on (03) 9042-2815, our warm and friendly staff are always ready to help you with whatever questions you might have.